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Women Who Went for It! is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Career Change Agent, Sara McArdle. The show features inspiring chats with successful industry changers who share how they found the clarity, courage and motivation to step into a deeper vocation and a life of meaning and fulfillment. We hope you'll see just how many before you have GONE for it—and they're eternally grateful that they took the risk!

Aug 18, 2019

Women Who Went for It Podcast Guest: Kristen Jawad
In this episode, Sara talks with Kristen Jawad, who was featured on episode 003 of Women Who Went for It. At the time, Kristen detailed her journey from education to massage. Since January of 2018, Kristen's career has continued to evolve. In the last year and a half (as of the time this episode was recorded), she has earned a BodyMind coaching certification, opened an Airbnb, and founded a nonprofit! Today, Kristen offers organic, seasonally inspired body care & coaching in her cozy Kirkland, Washington studio; she also hosts solo retreats via Airbnb; and she supports young people to learn self-reflection and decision making techniques through her nonprofit, Clarity4Action.
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Sara and Kristen Discuss:
  • The workshops they've been doing together
  • The first time Kristen was on Women Who Went for It: From Education to Massage with Kristen Jawad
  • Where Kristen was at with her business in January 2018
  • Background on why Kristen moved from education to massage, in the first place
  • Being called to take her work beyond the massage room
  • Hosting people and experiences in her new Airbnb
  • Her decision to become a certified coach
  • How she chose her coaching program, iPEC
  • Her nonprofit, Clarity4Action
  • Ways she's stretching and growing in her work
  • Why she loves community learning experiences
  • How her husband's work has changed since her last interview, too
  • The threads that tie all of the work she does together
  • The importance of tinkering and not being too attached to the outcome
  • What it was like to get an Airbnb up and running (including online research AND asking people who were already doing it!)
  • Resources Kristen recommends:
  • How Kristen is figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up
  • Women Who Went for It! on Patreon (Consider making a donation!)
  • Sara's approach of Whole Person Coaching
  • Working with people on self-care leadership projects
  • ...and more!
Kristen's Full Bio:
Kristen Jawad is dedicated to cultivating radiant well-being through traditional bodywork therapies & transformational life coaching experiences. As a wife, mother and business owner, she understands the challenges of integrating work, rest & pleasure. She uses The BodyMind coaching model to support her clients on a deeper level. She offers organic, seasonally inspired body care & coaching in her cozy Kirkland, Washington studio. She also hosts solo retreats via Airbnb & selfcare pop-up events locally.
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